Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies occur without warning and can cause pain and anxiety that affects our patients’ everyday lives. We want to relieve our patients from any pain or stress due to a dental emergency as soon as we can. That’s why we always do our best to offer emergency dental appointments to patients within 24 hours.

Our compassionate team will work quickly to make you comfortable while treating your dental issue. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to reach out to our friendly team for advice and assistance.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A wide range of dental problems and injuries count as dental emergencies.

Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Severe toothaches
  • Swelling in the jaw or mouth
  • Facial swelling
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Tooth infections 
  • Tooth or mouth injury
  • A dental restoration, like a crown or filling, has fallen out

If you do not see your specific dental problem above, it does not mean it is not an emergency. If you’re not sure if you’re in an emergency situation, we welcome your phone call to our practice. We are happy to offer advice on whether or not you need to see a dentist urgently.

You should never ignore dental emergencies or leave them untreated. However, we also don’t want you to panic. We can safely and effectively treat dental emergencies in our practice. 

Your Emergency Dentist in Helensvale or Runaway Bay

You don't have to live with dental pain or toothache. When a patient arrives at Bayview Dental Centre for emergency treatment, our caring dental team will first focus on relieving any anxiety or tooth pain the patient is feeling. Then we will treat or stabilise the dental emergency carefully and gently. 

The emergency treatment will depend on your specific situation. For example, if you’ve knocked out your tooth, we may attempt to reimplant it. Whereas if you have a severe toothache, we may need to perform root canal treatment. 

Dr Joy Lee, our experienced dentist, will discuss any dental treatment plan with you before moving forward with your dental care. In some cases, we may book a follow-up procedure or appointment if needed.

How Can I Prevent Dental Emergencies?

While it’s impossible to prevent every dental emergency, you can help reduce your risks of some emergencies, like severe toothaches, with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits for cleans and check-ups. Strong, healthy teeth are less likely to decay or become infected.

You can also wear nightguards to protect your teeth from damage if you tend to grind your teeth at night. A mouth guard also works to help protect your teeth from injury if you participate in physical sports or activities. 

Your Dental Emergency in Queensland

At Bayview Dental Centre, we help patients overcome dental emergencies with prompt, caring emergency treatment. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to reach out to our empathetic team to book your emergency appointment in Runaway Bay or Helensvale.

We want all our patients to enjoy excellent oral health. We will do our best to make you comfortable in our practice.