Dentures and Partial Dentures

At Bayview Dental Centre, we provide excellent care to our patients, meeting all their denture needs. We understand the importance of tooth replacement, both on a functional and aesthetic level, and we want to help you achieve a complete, healthy smile that you can feel proud to share. 

Why Would I Need Dentures?

We often recommend dentures to patients in our Helensvale and Runaway Bay dental practices for their oral health. Missing teeth can affect your oral health in a variety of ways. The patient's remaining natural teeth may begin to drift into the spaces left behind by the missing teeth. That can cause bite misalignment, leading to discomfort and difficulty chewing. It can also cause the remaining teeth to wear unevenly, another cause for bite problems.

An additional reason many people pursue tooth replacement is to keep the jaw bone healthy. With teeth missing, the jaw bone may not receive the stimulation needed to promote natural bone growth. Without that natural bone growth, the jaw bone could begin to atrophy. Tooth replacement options, such as dentures and dental implants, allow us to help our patients maintain their oral health while creating a new, natural-looking smile for them.

When replacing missing teeth, many patients choose dentures due to their many benefits. If you have missing teeth, we invite you to call our practice or book a consultation to see if dentures are the right fit for your situation. After a consultation, we can help you choose the best tooth-replacement option for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Full vs Partial Dentures

Complete dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth, while partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth. We can customise both full and partial dentures to match your smile and fit snugly and comfortably in your mouth. 

The Benefits of Dentures

Thanks to ongoing advances in technology, dentures continue to develop and change. They provide more comfort and discretion all the time. At Bayview Dental Centre, our customised dentures offer many patients an excellent option for a natural appearance, a comfortable feel, and better oral health. 

Many patients also enjoy an easier chewing experience with dentures, which can make eating your favourite foods even better. And you may appreciate the complete, customised smile you get to see every time you look in the mirror. 

Finally, since many dentures are removable, they are generally easy to clean and maintain. 

Dentures in Helensvale

Whether you visit our Runaway Bay dental practice or our Helensvale location, we are here to help with all your denture needs. Dr Joy Lee can assess your dental situation during an initial consultation. After an exam, she will work with you to develop a treatment plan to satisfy your smile goals and help you create a better situation for your oral health.

Our number one priority is always your oral health. However, we also want to help our patients feel confident about their smiles, and we will do everything we can to accomplish that goal. We welcome your phone call to our Bayview Dental Centre to book your consultation with Dr Lee.