Dental Crowns and Bridges

If you have lost a tooth or broken or damaged your tooth, you may wonder what options you have for restoring the appearance and function of your smile. At Bayview Dental Center, we are here to help.

With crowns and bridges, we restore missing or damaged teeth for our Runaway Bay and Helensvale patients.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown covers your natural, damaged tooth to strengthen it and protect it from further damage or infection. We customise each dental crown to provide the ideal fit and match your natural teeth, creating a seamless look and a comfortable feel. 

We may recommend a dental crown in a situation where your tooth’s structure is weak, such as after root canal treatment or when the tooth is cracked or broken. Dental crowns also provide an excellent option for people with severe decay or large fillings that have compromised the tooth structure.

Aesthetically, dental crowns can cover many flaws, helping to create a flawless smile. 

How Do CEREC Dental Crowns Work?

At Bayview Dental Centre, we use the best dental technologies available to provide you with outstanding dental care. CEREC technology is one of our favourite technologies because it makes your visit to our practice more convenient. 

With CEREC, we can create your dental restoration quickly and easily in our own practice instead of sending your dental impressions to a lab. This means we can place some patients’ dental crowns in just one visit. 

If your situation requires a lab-created dental crown, we will make that process simple and convenient as well, but we use CEREC technology whenever possible to speed up the process.

What Is a Dental Bridge? 

Dental bridges provide an alternative to dental implants. A dental bridge features false teeth that replace missing teeth in your smile. A bridge is most appropriate for people missing one or two natural teeth in one area of the mouth. The remaining natural teeth on either side of the gap will support the bridge. We place dental crowns over the abutment teeth when adding the dental bridge to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong and to anchor your bridge in place.

With dental bridges, you can fill the gap to create a more visually pleasing smile and protect your oral health. 

Why Is Tooth Restoration Important?

Replacing missing teeth and protecting and strengthening damaged teeth is essential to your overall oral health. With missing teeth, you may have difficulty chewing, and your remaining natural teeth may begin to drift in your mouth, causing bite problems. Additionally, without your natural teeth, your jawbone lacks support and stimulation.

Damaged teeth, left untreated, may eventually need extraction.

Crowns and Bridges in Runaway Bay and Helensvale

If you need a tooth restoration, like a dental crown or bridge, in the Northern Gold Coast area, we welcome your phone call. Our knowledgeable dentist, Dr Joy Lee, brings years of experience in smile restorations to every appointment, providing expert advice and top-notch care. We invite you to book a consultation with Dr Lee.