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How do I know if I am having a dental emergency?

We understand that patients sometimes have doubts about whether or not their situation is a dental emergency. But we’re here to help when those situations arise. If you think you or your family member is experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to call our practice so we can give you the best advice possible over the phone. 

If we recommend an emergency dental appointment for your situation, we will do our best to book an emergency dental appointment for you within 24 hours. 

Common Dental Emergencies in Helensvale

Our compassionate team treats dental emergencies in our Helensvale and Runaway Bay dental practices all the time, working quickly and efficiently to make patients comfortable. 

Some common dental emergencies we treat include:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Severe and persistent toothaches
  • Facial swelling
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Infected teeth
  • Dental injuries
  • Loose or lost crowns and fillings

Again, if you suspect a dental emergency, even if your situation is not listed above, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a dental professional. 

Treating a Dental Emergency in Runaway Bay

When a patient arrives in our practice with a dental emergency, we will focus first on relieving any pain the patient is experiencing. We will also quickly make sure the affected tooth is stabilised if that’s necessary. The next step is the treatment, which will ultimately depend upon the specific emergency and patient.

We invite your call to Bayview Dental Centre to book your emergency dental care. We also welcome questions and look forward to helping you.