The importance of children’s dentistry

Your child’s mouth sees a lot of change throughout the early developmental years. Just as importantly, your child’s first few visits to have their teeth checked are likely to shape the way they view dental treatment for the rest of their life. If the introductory experience is a happy one, this should set the pattern for a lifelong positive approach to dental hygiene and health. Conversely, if your child experiences fear initially, they could develop an aversion with lasting consequences. That’s why it is important to choose a suitable children’s dentist first time.

Choosing a kids’ dentist

Not all dental clinicians or hygienists are cut out to treat kids. The best dentists for children not only are skilled in kids’ dentistry but also have a friendly manner, a sense of fun and humour, and considerable patience.

At Bayview Dental Centre we appreciate your trusting us to be your children’s dentist in South east Queensland. Our therapists and specialists strive to look after your little ones with the same level of care as we do our own. You can read more about our dentists here.


“GAP FREE ” Policy Conditions

Our “Gap Free” policy means that if your Private Health Insurance pays a full benefit rebate for your general and preventative dental treatment, we will not charge you the “gap” amount – that is, the difference between the cost of your treatment, and the insurance rebate received.

“Gap Free” treatment for children 12 and under are:
•Check ups
•Scale and Cleaning
•X-rays (if required)

In order to take advantage of our Gap Free Policy, the patient receiving treatment must meet the following conditions on the day of treatment:
•You Must be covered for dental by an Australian Private Health Insurer on the day of treatment.
•You Must have your current health fund card with you on the day of treatment.
•Your health fund pays a full rebate for each of the “gap free” treatments and
•You have not exceeded your health fund benefits limit for the current period.
•(Limits may apply to both service and monetary amounts)

You will be required to pay the full amount if any of the following conditions apply:
•Your Health fund Limit has been reached.
•Your Health fund policy is un financial.
•Patient claiming service is not covered under the policy.

Please ensure that the above conditions are met in order to receive the “Gap Free” benefit.

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